Brett Yormark, the tenacious commissioner of the Big 12 conference, is making waves once again, leaving conferences on both coasts nervous about their future. In his second address at the Big 12 football media days, Yormark exuded confidence while hinting at his ambitious plans behind the scenes. Known for his aggressive pursuit of deals, the 56-year-old commissioner is determined to elevate the Big 12's status in the Power 5 hierarchy.

One conference that should be wary of Yormark's intentions is the Pac-12. Currently in the process of securing a media rights agreement, the Pac-12's lingering negotiations have provided an opportunity for Yormark to swoop in. Yormark understands the importance of keeping members close, particularly schools like Colorado. By exploring potential partnerships or expansions, he aims to destabilize the Pac-12 and strengthen the Big 12's position.

Similarly, the Big East, which recently enjoyed the reunion with the 2023 men's basketball national champion Connecticut, should also keep an eye on Yormark's movements. While UConn may face challenges geographically and in terms of football contributions, Yormark remains undeterred and continues his efforts to attract the Huskies to the Big 12. With a year of positive momentum under his belt, he is keen to build on this success.

Since assuming the role of Big 12 commissioner, Yormark has prioritized stability amidst the departures of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC. One significant achievement is securing a substantial media rights deal, which not only brings stability but also has the potential to attract more schools to the conference.

Yormark's plans extend beyond the borders of the United States as well. He aims to take the Big 12 into Mexico City by organizing future events in basketball and other sports. By capitalizing on the city's vast population and cultivating an international audience, Yormark hopes to set a precedent for other conferences. While acknowledging the challenges of bringing college football games to Mexico, he sees basketball as a catalyst for international expansion.

Moreover, Yormark has set his sights on planting a flag in New York City. A forthcoming event at the iconic Rucker Park aims to engage UConn alumni residing in the city, along with alumni from St. John's and Syracuse. Yormark understands the potential value that basketball brings, not just in terms of media deals but also in enhancing the overall enterprise of the conference.

With his unwavering determination and relentless drive, Yormark has established himself as the ultimate college sports shark, constantly seeking new opportunities for growth. While the SEC and Big Ten continue to dominate the landscape, it is crucial for Yormark's peers in other conferences to keep pace and swim alongside him. Failure to do so may result in falling further behind in the ever-competitive world of college athletics.