Texas Sports Network Announces Exciting Internship Opportunities

Texas Sports Network (TSN) is thrilled to announce a series of internship opportunities for passionate and aspiring sports journalists. TSN is committed to nurturing the next generation of sports media professionals by offering hands-on experience in a vibrant and fast-paced industry. The available positions are detailed below:

TSN Intern Reporter - Sugar Land Space Cowboys

Position Overview:
TSN seeks an enthusiastic Intern Reporter to provide in-depth coverage of the Sugar Land Space Cowboys. This role includes reporting on games, conducting player interviews, and delivering insights on team news and developments.

Key Requirements:

  • Passion for baseball and sports journalism.
  • Strong writing and reporting skills.

TSN Intern Reporter, Women's Sports - Houston Based

Position Overview:
TSN is expanding its coverage of women's sports in Houston and is looking for multiple Intern Reporters. This role offers a chance to cover various women's sports, contribute to TSN's podcasts, and engage with a diverse sports community.

Key Requirements:

  • Interest in women's sports and media coverage.
  • Ability to create compelling and informative content.

TSN Intern Reporter, Austin FC

Position Overview:
TSN requires an Intern Reporter to cover Austin FC, providing the latest updates, game coverage, and exclusive stories on the team and its fans.

Key Requirements:

  • Enthusiasm for soccer and sports reporting.
  • Ability to capture the vibrant culture of Austin FC and its supporters.

TSN Breaking News Reporter - Internship

Position Overview:
For those who thrive in a dynamic news environment, the Breaking News Reporter Internship offers the opportunity to cover breaking sports news across Texas. This role demands quick, accurate, and impactful news reporting.

Key Requirements:

  • Aptitude for fast-paced, accurate news reporting.
  • Strong writing skills and social media proficiency.

TSN High School Journalist (TSN @ Your High School)

Position Overview:
High school students across Texas have the chance to spearhead a TSN-branded sports network at their own school. This initiative allows students to gain firsthand experience in sports journalism, covering and promoting their school’s athletic programs.

Key Requirements:

  • High school enrollment in Texas.
  • Interest in journalism, media, and sports coverage.

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These internships offer a unique platform to build your skills, network with industry professionals, and lay the groundwork for a successful career in sports media. For more information and to apply, visit the TSN careers page or reach out to the TSN recruitment team directly. Dive into the world of sports journalism with Texas Sports Network and make your mark!

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