Dallas Cowboys Select Cooper Beebe in Third Round of 2024 NFL Draft

Dallas Cowboys Select Cooper Beebe in Third Round of 2024 NFL Draft

The Dallas Cowboys have bolstered their offensive line by drafting Kansas State’s Cooper Beebe with the 73rd overall pick in the third round of the 2024 NFL draft. Despite projections that placed him as high as the second round, Beebe was available in the third due to a slower-than-expected selection pace for interior offensive linemen.

Reuniting with a College Teammate:
Cooper Beebe will join forces once again with Deuce Vaughn, a fellow Kansas State alumnus and last year's Cowboys draft pick. This reunion is poised to enhance team chemistry and performance, given their prior collegiate experience together.

Beebe's Impact at Kansas State:

  • Consensus All-America Guard: Beebe's tenure at Kansas State was marked by his dominant performance as a guard, where he earned All-American honors.
  • Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year: His excellence in the offensive line was recognized twice as he was named the Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year in 2022 and 2023.
  • Versatility and Leadership: Beebe's career at Kansas State showcased his versatility, having started in multiple positions across the offensive line. His leadership was also critical, serving as a team captain and playing a pivotal role in the team’s success.

What Beebe Brings to the Cowboys:

  • Strength and Power: With a robust build that includes a barrel chest and broad shoulders, Beebe is known for his road-grading play strength and power. This makes him particularly effective in blocking schemes that require moving defenders off the ball.
  • Technical Skillset: Despite shorter arms which pose challenges in reach and hand placement, Beebe compensates with heavy, powerful hands that make him effective in jolting and controlling defenders.
  • Intellectual Prowess: Beebe’s ability to process defensive schemes and adapt to on-the-fly changes during games enhances his value, making him a cerebral player who can anticipate and counter complex defensive strategies.

Historical Context:
Cooper Beebe is the first K-State offensive lineman to be drafted since Dalton Risner was selected by the Denver Broncos in the second round of the 2019 draft. His selection marks a significant achievement for Kansas State’s football program and highlights the continuous development of top-tier offensive linemen by the institution.

As Beebe transitions to the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys anticipate that his blend of physical toughness, technical skills, and strategic understanding will make a significant impact on their offensive line, potentially filling the void left by recent departures and adding a fresh, powerful dynamic to their offensive strategy.