Dallas Cowboys Select Notre Dame Linebacker Marist Liufau in Third Round of NFL Draft

Dallas Cowboys Select Notre Dame Linebacker Marist Liufau in Third Round of NFL Draft

With the 73rd pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys have fortified their offensive line by selecting Kansas State interior lineman Cooper Beebe. Known for his versatility and robust play, Beebe might also see time at center, showcasing the team's strategic approach to building a flexible and powerful offensive front.

Scouting Insights on Cooper Beebe:

From NFL.com:
Cooper Beebe brings a wide-bodied presence to the Cowboys' offensive line. Over his four-year college career, he has consistently demonstrated a solid brand of football. Despite some challenges with hand placement and a lack of arm length which may pose issues against certain interior defenders, Beebe's ability as a "bulldozer in cleats" is undisputed. He excels at overpowering opponents, moving them against their will, which has been a key element of his game. While his mobility may be limited, restricting him to primarily downhill rush attacks, his pass protection capabilities have remained strong. Beebe's extensive experience and powerful drive-blocking skills position him as a potential immediate starter and a long-term asset on the line.
Beebe has showcased significant strength and power at both guard and tackle positions during his time at Kansas State. These attributes are fundamental to his effectiveness in both the run game and pass protection. In the run game, Beebe is adept at generating momentum from the snap, engaging quickly with defenders, and using his considerable power to drive them back, thereby opening up running lanes. His ability to pull and execute in gap/power schemes adds another dimension to his game, with sufficient athleticism to take on and block second-level defenders. In pass protection, Beebe's strength is particularly evident as he can effectively anchor against defenders' bull rushes, utilizing a solid stance to halt penetration.

Impact on the Dallas Cowboys:
The selection of Cooper Beebe aligns with the Cowboys’ ongoing efforts to bolster their offensive line, ensuring robust protection for their quarterback and creating dynamic opportunities in their running game. Beebe’s potential versatility to play center, if needed, adds valuable depth to the Cowboys' offensive strategy.

As the Dallas Cowboys continue to shape their roster for the upcoming season, Cooper Beebe’s development and adaptation to the NFL will be critical. His ability to transition his collegiate success into professional effectiveness will play a significant role in the performance of the Cowboys' offensive line.