Dallas Cowboys Bet Big on Rookie Tackle Tyler Guyton in NFL Draft

Dallas Cowboys Bet Big on Rookie Tackle Tyler Guyton in NFL Draft

In a strategic move at the NFL Draft last night, the Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones demonstrated a clear vision. The team’s primary objectives were to secure an additional draft pick and to fill a critical vacancy in their offensive line left by Tyron Smith’s departure to the New York Jets.

The Cowboys achieved both targets through a savvy trade with the Detroit Lions, moving down five spots to pick 29th and selecting Tyler Guyton, an offensive tackle from the University of Oklahoma. In addition to securing Guyton, the Cowboys also acquired the Lions’ third-round pick (No. 73) for Friday's session.

Tyler Guyton, a towering figure at nearly 6-foot-8 and 322 pounds, is considered a perfect fit for the left tackle position with his impressive 34-inch arm span. Despite his advantageous physical attributes, Guyton’s football career is relatively nascent. Originally a basketball player, he only switched to football during his senior year at Manor High School near Austin, Texas.

After a brief stint at TCU where he struggled to find playing time, Guyton transferred to Oklahoma. Over the next two years, he gained significant experience, starting in 14 games and participating in over 1,000 offensive snaps, roughly equivalent to a full NFL season.

Despite his limited experience, the Cowboys are confident in Guyton’s abilities to transition to left tackle, especially since he protected the blindside of left-handed quarterback Dillon Gabriel at Oklahoma. Bill Bedenbaugh, the offensive line coach at Oklahoma, praised Guyton as the most talented lineman he has ever coached, a significant endorsement given his history of developing NFL-caliber players.

The stakes are high for Guyton as he is set to replace eight-time Pro Bowler Tyron Smith. While the starting position is not guaranteed, Jerry Jones’s draft strategy indicates a strong belief in Guyton's immediate contribution to the team.

Comparisons are inevitable, as Guyton was selected over other promising players like Jordan Morgan (OT, Arizona), Graham Barton (C, Duke), and Darius Robinson (DE, Missouri), who were picked shortly after him.

Looking forward, the Cowboys have set their sights on further strengthening their lineup with three more picks in the upcoming rounds, including a potential selection of Texas running back Jonathon Brooks, whom Jerry Jones highlighted as one of the most impressive prospects he's encountered in his lengthy career.

The draft continues to unfold, but for now, Tyler Guyton is the name on every Cowboys fan’s lips, representing new hope and a new era for the Dallas front line.