(CC) CHS Lady Tigers cap off their best season since 2017

(CC) CHS Lady Tigers cap off their best season since 2017
CHS Lady Tigers huddles together after placing 2nd in the Brownsville Varsity Girls Soccer Tourney

The 2016-17 season was the last time the Tigers played a season with as close of a record as the Lady Tigers recorded this year, a personal best record of the current decade (202x). How exactly has the team turned around from a hard 6-year stint, and who all are responsible for the team's slow but very sure improvement? Who are the "MVP's" of the team?

Julia Vasquez (F) #15

It isn't a secret that the Corpus Christi Caller-Times Girls Varsity Preseason Player of The Year was one of the major contributor's apart of the entire team's success. Vasquez is in her senior year and only continued to be a scary thought for many goaltenders. Contributing to the majority of the team's goals scored with 43! (that's 76% of the teams combined goal total), Her offensive presence loomed larger than ever in her farewell season this past winter; her presence on the field and in the lockers motivated and pushed the team to new highs that hadn't be achieved offensively in some time. She graduates this spring, but the effect on the locker room culture will linger for quite some time.

Annelisa Mangiarulo (D) #16

Annelise Mangiarulo is the youngest player on this list, however still made a tremendous impact to the defensive peformance this season. The class of 2026 Defender was able to aid her team while also being able to put some goals on the scoreboard, with 3 on the season. However, her placement on the defensive side of the ball is what shined last season. If you were fortunate enough to see her this past season- than you'd also seen her defensive stouts throughout the year. Annelise is one of the biggest names on the entire team, and she's still got two full seasons left to play.

Addision Jorgensen (M) #13

"Addi" as known by many of her teammates was another important factor driving this offense. The Junior Midfielder contributed with the second highest amount of goals scored, coming in with 5 in only 25 games. Jorgensen is and will continue to be a strong precense in the field of play- especially with the departure of Julia. Expect Addi to have a stellar senior season in a bigger more vital role in the teams success this coming year- now's a good time to invest in those fan shirts.

Linda Villarreal (GK) #19

Obviously, without a good Goal Keeper, a "great" team can quickly fall to a mediocre team; Thankfully for the Lady Tigers, We have a great GK in Linda Villarreal. Linda this past season was able to put up some impressive stats this season, averaging 8 saves per game, didn't allow a single goal in 8 different games, held a 83.21% save percentage on the year, all while taking on the 8th most saves in the Nation (according to team stats added to MaxPreps standings) Linda thankfully, is a Junior; meaning we only get another season with the elite show stopper.

The Biggest MVP?
The largest and most important contributor to the team is time; most of the returning cast from previous years being back has only helped the team grow their chemistry. Returning valuable players like the ones listed, as well as the supporting cast and depth has only been good for the young core of the Tigers.

This is probably the best roster we've had in these past couple (of) years, and it's not even that we've got a bunch of new people, but the fact that we've all improved and grown as players. - Linda Villarreal
(GK) Linda Villarreal embraces teammate (F) Julia Vasquez in the air.

The season wrote its farewell March 1st against Veterans Memorial, a short ending to a wonderfully fun and energetic season for the young and inspiring women on the team- however, there is plenty to look forward to. On this list alone, only 1 player (Julia V.) is set to depart from the team. The names of Linda V, Annelise M, Addison J, and those not mentioned in the earlier portions like, Isabelle A (#3) , Priscilla O. (D), Brianna C (M) (1 goal), among others will all be back for at least another season; and many of them will only improve after sitting behind a fantastic team this season. There is more than just potential to push forward and bring a name back to Carroll Soccer for these young talented ladies. The stage is set.