RGV Vipers Comeback against G League Ignite to close out 2023.

RGV Vipers Comeback against G League Ignite to close out 2023.

Post by Edgar Zamorano of Texas Sports Network

Edinburg, TX - The initial half of the matchup posed challenges for the RGV Vipers, trailing at halftime with a score of 59 (Ignite) - 45 (Vipers). Despite a resilient defense, relentless three-pointers, and dunks persisted.


However, a transformative shift occurred when Vipers' players Jermaine Samuels (00), Nate Williams (19), Jalen Lecque (0), and Jarret Culver (8) initiated an assertive offensive drive, ensuring that most rebounds resulted in electrifying dunks, gradually closing the score gap. With the third quarter concluding at 85 (Ignite) - 87 (Vipers), a potential victory was within grasp, palpable in the spirited crowd.

Entering the fourth quarter, both teams intensified their efforts, with fouls escalating—I even narrowly avoided a collision with Nate Williams (19) while capturing photos.

With two minutes remaining, the Vipers seized a lead of 106 - 99, igniting fervent cheers from the crowd. Coach Kevin Burleson's strategic guidance propelled his team toward a triumphant start to the season. Despite timeouts in the last 40 seconds, the Vipers maintained possession until the clock hit 0:00. Players embraced, fans erupted in cheers, and the Valley celebrated their team commencing 2023 on a victorious note.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Miss Juanita Maldonado and the RGV Vipers for this incredible opportunity. Looking forward to witnessing more thrilling moments next Friday in the new year.

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