Rio Grande Valley FC Bids Farewell as Club Ceases Operations

Rio Grande Valley FC Bids Farewell as Club Ceases Operations

EDINBURG, Texas (Monday, December 18, 2023) – In a somber announcement today, Rio Grande Valley FC declared an abrupt end to its soccer and business operations, marking the closure of a chapter in the region's professional sports landscape. Golden Grape Entertainment and the United Soccer League have officially terminated their business relations after an eight-year partnership.

Golden Grape Entertainment President, Hondo Candelaria, conveyed the difficulty of the decision, stating, "A conclusive decision was reached to cease all operations after eight seasons of professional soccer competition in the United Soccer League. Naturally, decisions of this caliber are carefully considered and are extremely difficult to make as they affect multiple individuals, both internally and externally."

The official notice signals the end of professional soccer in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas region as the 'Toros' organization bids a heartfelt farewell to its loyal supporters and stakeholders who have been part of the journey since the club's inception in 2016.

Known for its commitment to community service, the 'Toros' organization took great pride in engaging with the community on and off the field. Charitable events, school visits, and skill development clinics were integral to the club's mission, fostering a connection with supporters and providing opportunities for fellowship.

In a message to the dedicated fans, Candelaria expressed gratitude, saying, "To the fans, we are eternally grateful for your support each and every step of the way. Throughout the seasons, our staff and players pridefully worked tirelessly to provide quality soccer, entertainment, and service while collecting countless amazing memories in the process. We sincerely thank you, and for one final time, GO TOROS!"

As Rio Grande Valley FC closes its doors, the impact on the local sports community is undeniable. The memories created over the past eight years will linger as a testament to the club's contribution to the region's sports and cultural fabric.

The 'Toros' organization's departure leaves a void in the hearts of fans, but the legacy built through years of dedication, community engagement, and shared moments on the soccer field will be cherished for years to come.