Ryan Garcia shines in fight with Derrick James, secures stunning knock-out victory.

Ryan Garcia shines in fight with Derrick James, secures stunning knock-out victory.

HOUSTON — On Saturday night at the Toyota Center, boxing sensation Ryan Garcia marked his first collaboration with trainer Derrick James with a spectacular eighth-round knockout against Oscar Duarte. This comeback victory, broadcast live on DAZN, showcased Garcia's resilience and newfound prowess in the ring.

This bout marked Garcia's return to action since his lone loss in April, and he did so in emphatic fashion, delivering a jaw-dropping knockout that left the Texas crowd buzzing.

As the fight progressed, Duarte's pressure-fighting style seemed to pose a challenge for Garcia. However, in a moment of brilliance, Garcia swiftly turned the tide with a left hook to Duarte's temple. The precision and power of the blow left Duarte on shaky legs, prompting Garcia to capitalize on the opportunity.

Seizing the moment, Garcia unleashed a flurry of punches, including a right hook and uppercut, forcing Duarte to take a knee. Although Duarte managed to rise after the count of nine, the referee halted the fight, awarding Garcia (24-1) his 20th professional knockout.

Reflecting on his triumphant return, Garcia shared with DAZN's Chris Mannix, "I fought hard to find myself again and I did a lot of soul-searching." This victory was particularly poignant for Garcia, who had experienced a setback in his previous bout, suffering a seventh-round knockout at the hands of Gervonta Davis eight months prior.

Throughout the match, Garcia showcased his trademark quick hand speed, demonstrating respect for Duarte's formidable power. In the second half of the fight, Garcia strategically employed the shoulder roll technique and moved around the ring, drawing mixed reactions from the Texas crowd.

However, any doubts about Garcia's performance were swiftly dispelled by the decisive left hook to Duarte's temple, affirming "King Ry's" return to top form. Now, Garcia sets his sights on the 140-pound weight class, expressing his desire for a world title shot and issuing a direct challenge to WBA titleholder Rolando "Rolly" Romero.

"I'm committing to becoming a world champion," Garcia declared to DAZN. "If Rolly wants that, bring it on, Rolly." With this statement, Garcia signals his intent to climb the ranks and secure a championship belt, marking a promising chapter in his boxing journey under the guidance of trainer Derrick James.